PayDay’s Partner Programs

A Promise to our Partners!

Whether you are an CPA, Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor, TPA or Client, PayDay Payroll Resources Inc. has a way to partner with you to help your business save you time, stay competitive, increase productivity, while protecting your book of business, growing your revenue stream, and reducing overhead.

PayDay Payroll Resources promises that when we enter a partnership agreement, we will not compete with our partners.  PayDay will not sell Financial Services, Insurance Products, Retirement Plans, TPA or Record Keeping Services of any kind.

It is our mission at PayDay Payroll Resources to create a seamless relationship between you and your client’s payroll and benefits data. More importantly, it is our goal at PayDay Payroll Resources to become a trusted advisor and resource for your company for years to come!

Choose a program on the left, and let us show you how we can work even better with you!