CPA Partnership Program

Our Mission:

It is our mission at PayDay Payroll Resources to create a seamless relationship between you and your clients payroll and benefits data.  It is our goal to create a partnership between PayDay Payroll Resources and your firm to provide you and your clients with a more customizable solution with above and beyond customer service at value added pricing.

CPA Benefits:

  • Single Log-In:  Access and view your client’s payroll records from your office or home computer with one username and password.  Generate reports for any desire date range, including fiscally.
  • General Ledger Reporting Service:  Interface your accounting software to help streamline G/L posting and check reconciliation.
  • Virtual Mail Room:  PayDay Payroll Resources can automatically email you and your staff accountants your client’s payroll reports, as well as their quarterly and year-end tax returns moments after they process.
  • PayDay Payroll Resources never purges your cleints data, allowing you instant access to historical data not typically available with other vendors.
  • Complete audits back to January to guarantee Quarter End and Year End accuracy.
  • Your clients and staff will always work with a qualified and experience payroll professional.


Don’t just refer business, grow your business!

PayDay Payroll Resources is built on the concept retention through residual income.  Other payroll companies typically pay their employees for new sales brought in, while PayDay Payroll Resources continues to reward their employees with residual income to retain their book of business.  Because of the continued success of this strategy, PayDay Payroll Resources is proud to announce our CPA Partnership Program.  Other payroll companies will pay one time for clients in bulk and ask you to sign a non-competition agreement for your referrals.  At PayDay Payroll Resources, we believe if you share your clients with us then we should share the annual revenue with you!

Since just about every client has different needs, we have a few different partnership programs to fit your firm:

  • Hosting Partnership – We understand that sometimes your clients just want you to do everything for them.  With our hosting partnership, we can install our payroll software on your computer which provides you the ability to calculate earnings and deduction, preview reports, and accurately process your client’s payroll at your convenience.
  • Revenue Sharing Partnership – Don’t just refer business, grow your business!   When you share your clients with us, we share in the annual revenue they supply us each quarter.  This partnership will free you and your firm up from having to process payroll for your clients, while benefiting from residual income for years to come.