Insurance Agent Partnership

Stop your competition from stealing your clients!

Partnering with PayDay Protects Your Business!
National Payroll Companies and Franchises have set goals to gain more market share by developing internal insurance and benefit agencies to their already vast array of services. Two of the largest payroll companies in the United States currently rank among the Top 100 Insurance Agencies in the entire country. What this means is National Payroll Companies and franchises are now your competition!

What makes companies like them dangerous to your book of business is that they are selling insurances as an ancillary product to their payroll services. There is a good chance that your clients are already outsourcing their payroll through one of these companies. While you are actively trying to grow your business, they are actively trying to steal it. More importantly, they have the time, money and resources to keep soliciting and trying to upsell their current clients.
Isn’t it already tough enough to keep your clients happy while growing your business? By partnering with PayDay Payroll Resources you can protect your clients and grow your business while increasing your revenue stream!

It’s Time to Lock Out Your Competition!

PayDay Payroll Resources can help you lock out your competition while increasing your revenue stream. We are not an insurance agency, broker or advisor of any kind. This means we are not going after your clients or your book of business. So how can we help?

If you are a Health Insurance Agency, PayDay can:

  • Automatically send HIS payments to the appropriate accounts on payday
  • Make you more competitive by providing a more value added solution
  • Revenue Share – you share your clients with us and we’ll share our revenue with you and pay you each quarter.

If you are a Workers Comp or Property and Casualty Agency, PayDay can:

  • Offer an integrated “pay-as-you-go” solution for your clients using your agency
  • Revenue Share – you share your clients with us and we’ll share our revenue with you and pay you each quarter.
  • PayDay Payroll Resources Insurance Agent Evolution Software

Our Insurance Agent Evolution Software is state of the art password protected portal that lets you access and maintain your clients payroll, tax and 401k census information. With our Insurance Agent Evolution Software you can:

  • View information from multiple clients under one login
  • Access payroll and tax information from previous years – PayDay never purges your clients data
  • Create reports by payroll period or date range