Tax Services

Tax Payment Service  (TPS)

Federal, state and local payroll taxes are paid on your behalf to take the tax burden off of you, keep you in compliance, save you time and give you peace of mind. Our tax professionals research and maintain state and federal tax rates, tax brackets and statutory limits so that you can concentrate on growing and running your business, helping you to know that you are in compliance.

Our tax payment service includes:

  • Transferring the total Federal Income Tax, Social Security and FUTA tax from your bank account each pay period on check date and depositing them by due date.
  • Transferring applicable state and local taxes on the check date and depositing them by the due date.
  • Filing your business tax returns, paying any remaining taxes from your account at quarter- or year-end.

New Hire Reporting

Federal law requires that all businesses report their newly hired and re-hired employees to a designated state agency within a pre-established period of time—20 days if sent via mail, twice per month if sent electronically.
Information required by the federal government includes:

  • Employer name associated with your company’s federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Employer address
  • EIN number
  • Employee name
  • Employee address
  • Employee social security number
  • Date of hire

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